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Great Light provides you Rapid Prototype Manufacturing and CNC Machining Service. Make your ideas into reality.

 Vacuum Casting

Vaccum Casting, also is know as Silicone Moulding, Reaction Injection Moulding and Low Volume Manufacturing. It refers to the use of the original model, in a vacuum state to produce copies out of a silicone mold, and in a vacuum state using PU material for casting, so as to clone the original copy with the original template. Great Light have more than 15 years experience in this field. And we made many excellent jobs.



Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototyping is the first step to test the product feasibility. Prototype(model) is first sample of production, designer usually uses this methods to get a prototype to observe his new product’s advantages or disadvantages to avoid wasting too much time,money and manpower between the processing of rapid prototyping. Rapid Prototyping can be applied to many fields.


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Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling is a way to simplify the mould structure for low cost & short lead-time. It’s commonly used in the field of rapid injection moulding, based on the low-volume requirement. Nice Rapid manufactures its own tooling  and pre-hardened P20 tool steel, to make the cavity, core and ejector plates. They are then fitted into a Master Unit Die with standard tooling components, in order to produce injection moulded parts.


   About Great Light

Great Light Metal Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2005. It is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

Our company is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise group. We are professional to design and produce CNC machining part, CNC Prototype, rapid prototyping etc. On the one hand, we have first-class manufacturing facilities, strong engineering capability and reliable quality assurance system. On the other hand, we aim to create the maximum value for our customers. In addition, we have struggled towards the goal of being the industry leader and carried the mission to promote the harmony and prosperity of society.

Since inception, we always insist the business philosophy that is high-quality, energy saving and environmental protection. Our products are complied with CE, UL, ROHS standards and sold in the UK, USA, Germany, France and other developed countries.