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We are a private-held company and the headquarter office is located in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City. As an excellent product developing and manufacturing supplier, we mainly specialize in Rapid Prototype (Plastic &Metal Prototype), CNC Machining Production Service, Low Volume Production. With a strong capability of 3axis/4axis/5axis CNC machining and professional techniques in Rapid Prototoype field, we are dominating the market and have expanded our business to the worldwide.

Great Light was established in 2005 and now we have 2 factories. One is well-skilled in rapid prototype and the other one is professional in cnc machining. In this way, we keep each workshop professional and it helps us to manage well. We have absolute ascedancies in Rapid Prototyping, Metal CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting. We serve the industries like Automotive, Machinery, Automation, Home Applicance, Medical Device, and so on. We always value the quality most! 

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Our Client and Mr. Weng (Right)

Our Founders

Our founder Mr. Weng has been engaged in prototype field over 15 years, the passion of making great prototype encourages Mr. Weng to start his own enterprise. And the factories are a family-owned by the Weng Brothers, all of them are engineers before they started their own business.

If you’re ready to take your idea for a new product, the prototype process plays a crucial role, enabling you to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm the performance of application… Great Light provides a one-shop service from prototype to production.

Our Goal

“Before you owns the abilities to change the world,change yourself first”

There should be no excuse for not being a successful company since we insist to be profrssional and providing a best service to our customers,try to exand the business scale and become a more than 1000 employees company, we have the responsibility to reduce the pressure of social obtain employment.

Our Service&Cases

1.Aluminium Rapid machining prototype

2.Plastic Machining Prototype

3.Low Volume Vacuum Casting.




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