CNC machine what is it? CNC is the short form for Computer Numerical control. CNC machine,it is just a machine and the computer numerical automated process control system, which is automated milling device that make industrial components without direct human assistance. Human uses coded instructions that are sent to an internal computer, which allows factories to fabricate parts accurately and quickly. So it can be used to make a wide variety of parts. Though most are used industrially in manufacturing. However, there are many different types of machines, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machines, CNC cutting machine, CNC router machine, lathes and grinders. CNC machine works like the Robot, which has to be fed with the program and it follows all your instructions. Human can easily write the codes, and edit the programs as per the requirements. In CNC machine the program is stored in the memory of the computer, execute commands based on the setting time. The machine design is novel, the panel is convenient to operate. It can complete the inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface circular surface and arbitrary metric thread turning etc. It is suitable for the processing of multiple varieties and small batch products, and can be used for the processing of the parts with complex shape and high precision metal parts.