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Great Light provides you a professional one-shop service  in product development and volume production , from Rapid prototype to CNC machining production.For the prototoypes,we have rich project experience in these Aluminium rapid prototype and casing plastic prototoypes,mainly in the Automotive,Mechanical,Electrical industries,etc. Besides,we lead a 3axis, 4axis, 5axis CNC machining plants and guarantee our customers a short cycle and on time delivery.

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Rapid Machining Prototpye

3-axis/4-axis/5-axis Rapid prototype service,usually Aluminium and Steel material.

Plastic Machining Prototype

The common material we machining includes Nylon,ABS,PC,PMMA(acrylic),POM,PA,etc.

Manusual Finish

We provide low volume plastic parts and prototoypes with good apperance finished by hand.

Vacuum Casting

One of a Low volume production services for Plastic parts,usually applicated in the materials production like PC,ABS,Rubber,etc.


We take high value in the quality control and would relase the QC files accordingly based on your designs.Thus,we’d confirm each of the prototypes quality approved before shipped out.

Scheldule for each Procedure

Quality Control Files for each product

Inspection after being Hand Crafted

Inspection by 2D/3D  Detector 

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