We understand what is rapid prototyping,it is a process.Some customers usually choose it to make a prototype in order to test or improve the product. Furthermore, according to the materials,prototypes are divided into silicone prototype,metal prototype and plastic prototype.Now we talk about some details about the plastic prototype manufacture.

Plastic prototype,its raw material is plastic(such as ABS,resin,PC,PP,POM,etc.)Plastic prototype mainly used to make televisions,display boards,telephone etc.

In general,plastic prototype is processed by CNC machining and 3D printing.Namely,the manufacture method is basically the same but the processing methods is different. Plastic prototype here for the model of the product development,according to the prototype to determine whether the product design is reasonable,whether need to modify,to avoid too much change the mold when engineer opening the mould. Simply,we need the design drawing first,according to customer’s demand to custom the prototype mold.Prototype drawing is usually done by Auto CAD.In general,the format is IGS/STP/STL etc.And then,the engineer will input the  drawing code into the computer, the machine tools execute commands to engrave cutting in the plastic board (may be ABS or a thick PP board,it according to the selected by your product material) and then carve the product shape,remove redundant parts then we’ll get the plastic model prototype. It is mainly completed by CNC machine and engraving machine.Normally,at last we will finish some surface treatment according to customer requirements,like polishing,oil painting and screen printing etc.