How to make CNC machining/how to build a CNC machining?

How to make CNC machining/how to build a CNC machining?

Tow kinds of programming ways for CNC machining include manual(artificial)programming and automatic programming. In the manual program, all contents of program is edited by manual work according to  the Specified instruction format in the CNC system. The automatic programming also called computer programming, can be divided into language and painting based automatic programming method. However, no matter what kind of automatic programming method you used, you need to have matching hardware and software.

So, The key is to realize CNC machining program. But programming alone is impossible. The CNC machining also contain a series of preparatory work before programming and a series of post-processing work after programming.

Generally speaking, the main content of CNC machining process are as follows:

(1)Selecting and confirming the part and content of CNC machining;

(2)Process analysis of CNC drawings of parts drawings;

(3)process design of CNC machining;

(4)Math process the part drawings;

(5)compile CNC procedures list;

(6)According to the procedures list make and control the medium;

(7)Check and modify of procedures;

(8)First trial processing and on-site problem handling;

(9)stereotyping and archiving the CNC machining process document.

In order to improve production automation, shorten programming time and reduce CNC machining costs, people also develop and use a series of advanced CNC machining technology in aerospace industry. Such as computer numerical control, use small computer or micro-computer to replace controller in the CNC system. At the same time, it also use software depositing in the computer to execute count and control function. The computer numerical control system with software connective is gradually replacing numerical control system of initial state.

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