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Small Volume Plastic Parts Machining Prototoype

According to the requirements of the tolerances and the demand,machining is also a solution for low volume demands for these plastic parts,it’s similar with the process of vacuum casting ,but it help us get a higher tolerance and efficiency,especially for these hard plastics,such as Nylon,POM,acrylic,PP,PVC,etc.

The plastic machined prototoypes in our company are mostly used in the products like cases,panels,etc.Just like the sheet metal products.To get a high strength,usually we’d add glass fibers to the Nylon or ABS.Thus,the only way for these parts is machining,it’s cost saving and flexible in the operation compared to the mold injection,what’s more important is that we can make the lead time even just a few days.

Just like the product in the picture,we provide prototoype solutions for the designs through our professional techniqueS.In most of the projects,we combine cnc machining and vacuum casting to meet the demands of our customers,prototypes or low volume manufacturing.Compared with the 3D printting,cnc machining is much widely applicated in the varieties of materials manufacturing.The common plastic materials we machining inclusdes ABS,PC,PMMA,POM,PP,PA,PPS,PEEK,Nylon,etc. and also the match finish like Paintting,Silkscreen,Polish,Plating,etc.


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