Prototyping Service And Rapid Manufacturing

Prototyping Service And Rapid Manufacturing

Prototyping manufacturing is best for your design. Prototyping design service by Great Light include 3D printing, SLA, SLS, 3D scanning and CNC machining. According to your request, we will suggest you choose a best machining method to create a prototype save more time and money. Besides, all kinds of plastic and metal are customize. At Great Light, We are OEM supplier with machined precision metal &plastic rapid prototype parts, all of which are widely used in medical device, telecommunication, consumer electronics, computer, electromechanical industries and mechanical equipment.

china design service prototyping manufacturing

The advantages of China design service prototyping manufacturing
It is a developing rapid high speed new manufacture technology.

It is a wide range of benefits for new product development.
Free shape manufacturing.

Universality of using material.

It is able to design more complex parts.

Reduce design, processing, inspection tools,such as a single injection mold can finish several products.

people can according it to the market demand change products at low cost to reduce risk.

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