what is cnc milling?

what is cnc milling?

CNC milling is machine tool which is integration digital control system on ordinary milling and can be in progress milling by Program code of control. CNC milling can divide into no tool magazine and tool magazine, in addition, tool magazine of CNC milling is also called machining center.

  CNC milling of base parts usually are structure parts, such as lathe bed, upright column, crossbeam, staging and pedestal etc. The big size commonly known big part, the basic framework of machine tool is like Chinese word– “井”. Other parts are attached to the base part, some part also need along the base parts to move. Because the base parts have support and guidance of function, Therefore, the requirement is that the base parts must have a good rigidity.

  CNC milling except have ordinary milling of characteristics, there are also the following features:

The CNC milling part machining of adaptabilityis more unyielding and the flexibility is better. It can machining the parts that are particularly complex contour form or hard to control size, such as kind of mold parts , kind of case parts etc;
The CNC milling can process theparts that are ordinary milling can’t machining or very difficult to machining. For example, the complex curve parts and three-dimensional curved surface parts are described by mathematical model;
It can machining parts thatare once after clamping and positioning required to be processed in a multi-channel process.
The processing precision is higher and the processing quality is stable and reliable.At present, CNC device of Pulse equivalent generally is 001mm, high-precision CNC system can reach 0.1μm. In addition, CNC machining can avoid operation staff to make operate miss;
Its production automation level is higher, it can reduce Labor intensity of operator .It is beneficial tomake the production management automation.

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