Die casting is a metal casting process. The characteristic is that it is used the die cavity to exert high pressure for molten metal. The die casting advantage is the casting having good size precision. Compared to other casting processes, its casting surface is smooth, round corner radius is about 1-2.5 micron. It can directly cast inner structure, for example screw tap, heating element, high strength bearing surface. In addition, it can reduce or avoid two times machining and has high production speed.     The tensile strength of the casting can be up to 415 MPa and it can cast metal of high fluidity.
However, the cost of die casting is high. Casting equipment, mold and die related components are more expensive than other casting way. So producing large quantities of products is more economical when making die castings. The processes only be used in high mobility metal and the casting quality must between 30 g and 10 kg.

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